Your Data, Our Expertise

The Right Process for Your Data

The projects we have carried out have enabled us to build a portfolio of processes and methods, which we enrich and perfect every day through our experience.

The Right Tools to Collect Data:

We manage the collection and acquisition of data coming from all kinf of sources, local and international.

  Select POS to set the best sample to cover a territory with the finest regional cut.

  Scrape data across a wide range of websites.

  Adapt our systems to every situation: Automatic Transfer, OCR, Excel files, Csv.

  Weight/Extrapolate to represent the full market.

Data Integration and Transformation:

We set up the processing of the received data in an optimized way.

  Create scripts to integrate data into databases.

  Clean up the databases and convert the data if necessary to obtain an operational database.

  Automate processes to speed them up and make them autonomous.

  Manage processes maintenance and data flow checks.

Specific Processes:

We also have various specific solutions, which we can reproduce and adapt to your needs.

Measure online visibility:

Digital Visibility Tracking

Sold via Digital Streaming or Online Stores, your products must find their way on everyone’s screen.

From a methodology based on consumer’s experience, we track products on all kind of platforms and devices (TV, Mobile, Game, IP…), measure share of voice and tendencies, and change it into actionnable metrics.

The right price for the right product:

Price Tracking

Entertainment goods now have multiple declinations: Online vs Offline, Hard Book vs Digital, Blu-ray vs VOD.

We collect all prices, compare how they are adjusted for every platform and deliver targeted analytics.

From POS to KPI:

Sales Data Processing

The analysis of sales figures allows the company to adapt and improve its performance, for all types of products and sales locations.

As retail sales specialist, we handle point of sales (POS) data all along its lifecycle to deliver key performance indicators (KPI). We take into account all POS, both physical and digital.

Extract Data from Social Media:

Social Network Monitoring

Visibility on social networks is an integral part of stores' communication strategies.

We retrieve the social network links of stores from a nominal list or belonging to a given category. After matching and cleaning this list of links to eliminate insignificant accounts, we extract the accounts' metrics (likes, followers, subscribers) and compile them.